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Light & Safety


The Light & Safety division helps governmental accounts and governmental bodies to make our roads and our communities safer.

For this purpose, Jenoptik develops, manufactures and distributes components, systems and services which contribute towards greater road traffic safety throughout the world. The product portfolio comprises comprehensive systems relating to all aspects of road traffic, such as speed measurement and red light monitoring systems, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and systems for the detection of traffic violations.

Expertise extends to measuring average speed over a defined section of road (section speed control) and automated number plate recognition (ANPR or ALPR). Thanks to the digital combination of several sensor technologies with software and data management, Jenoptik is also a new systems supplier for truck toll monitoring on federal highways in Germany.

In the service field we cover every aspect of the traffic safety process chain – from system development, production and installation of the monitoring infrastructure to image capture and automated processing.

Standardized Information and Certificates

Light & Safety


TraffiPax, LLC


JENOPTIK Robot GmbH は AEO 制度の認可を受けています。

国際サプライチェーンのセキュリティを強化し、正当な貿易を促進することを目的としたこの制度は、サプライチェーンに携わるすべての業者が利用することが できます。税関手続きの簡素化(AEOC)、セキュリティと安全性に関する優遇(AEOS)、またはこれら2つを組み合わせた優遇(AEO-F)を利用で きると認可された事業者が対象となります。