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The Visionline IPS B10: Internal Test Sensor for Visual Inspection of Bore Surfaces

The IPS B10 internal test sensor allows rapid and precise inspection of internal bore surfaces.

Visionline IPS B10

The IPS B10 test sensor gives you a 360° view of a bore hole, ensuring a complete, undistorted view of the internal bore surface of a workpiece. The image sensor automaticallyandvery quicklyidentifies typical flaws such as blowholes, porosities, and scratches in production, for example on main brake cylinders or pistons.

The complete view of the internal surface is made possible by the motion of the test sensor while a CMOS sensor simultaneously and continuously scans the internal surface. The circumference lines in the bore are displayed as circle lines in the image plane of the sensor. The test sensor can be moved very quickly thanks to the high scan rate of the ring sensor. This means very short test cycle times.

The test diameterof the IPS B10 is 14mm to 50mm, and the maximum bore depth is 156mm (optionally up to 456mm).


  • High resolution: Even the smallest surface flaws are detected.
  • Fast: Very high test speeds.
  • Automatic: Measurement results are objective as they are obtained without operator influence
  • Efficient: Saves staff and resources.
  • Quality-compliant: High quality requirements are maintained, ensuring high levels of delivery reliability.
  • Reliable: Quality is continuously checked and remains consistent.


  • Automotive industry: Visual inspection of internal bore surfaces for main brake and wheel brake cylinders, pump housings, connecting rods, injection pump housings, and pistons.

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