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The Gageline Valvescan: manual gauge for dynamic measurements

Perfect for measuring the dimensions of cylinder head valve seats with great ease and reliability.

The Gageline Valvescan is a manual gauge that allows you to measure the valve seat and guide on cylinder heads with maximum speed and reliability. A step motor in the handle detects the exact position to perform a dynamic measurement. This prevents any falsification of the result and allows you to operate the device without any prior experience.

You can repeat the quality control as often as necessary and under the same conditions. The measurement is performed quickly, dynamically and with utmost precision. The pneumatic metrology works with compressed air, meaning that no contact is made with the measuring point and any dirt is automatically removed. This makes it particularly suitable for use in production. The measuring computer allows you to perform in-depth analysis of the results, while the software is very user-friendly and highly intuitive.


  • Fast and accurate: Measures precisely on the valve seat or guide.
  • Repeat accuracy: The pneumatic technology delivers consistently accurate results.
  • Resilient: The compressed air cleans the measurement position automatically.
  • Production-compatible: Results are not falsified by the operator, environment or dirt.


  • Industry: Measurement of valve seats.

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