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Movoline DM205: High-precision measuring head for small components with smooth and discontinuous surfaces

The DM205 digital measuring head is the ideal tool for determining smooth or discontinuous outside diameters of particularly small workpieces.

The Hommel-Movomatic DM205 digital measuring head is extremely flexible and can be used for both in-process and post-process measurements. It was developed specifically for grinding applications that require you to measure the outside diameter of very small workpieces. The DM205 checks both discontinuous and smooth surfaces with maximum precision.

The measuring head is extremely robust, making it ideal for use under rough manufacturing conditions. You can also equip it with a crash protection system, which provides impact protection for your metrology and machine tools. This in turn prevents machine downtime and rejection of parts.

The measured data is transmitted digitally, thus guaranteeing interference-free, reliable and rapid transfer of the results. All functions of the measuring system are controlled via a single CAN bus cable. The device can thus be built in a particularly compact design.


  • No interference: Measured values are transmitted digitally.
  • Simple installation and operation: All functions are controlled via a single connecting cable.
  • Flexible application: Suitable for in-process and post-process measurements.
  • Special protection: Crash protection system for measuring head and workpiece.


  • Cylindrical grinding machines: Measurement of smooth or discontinuous outside diameters.

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