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Movoline DF500: In-process measuring system for crankshafts

With the DF500 measuring system, you can measure the diameter and roundness of crankshafts with utmost precision and accuracy.

The DF500 in-process measuring system has been developed specifically for use in modern pendulum grinding machines. During the grinding process, it checks the diameters of the main and pin bearings of crankshafts at full processing speed. The system features a particularly solid construction and therefore guarantees high measurement accuracy. Moreover, since the measuring device follows the movements of the crankshaft during the grinding process, the measurement is performed entirely without collisions.

The DF500 is suitable for universal application: the measuring prisms cover a wide diameter range and are very easy to exchange. Devices with the optional "roundness monitoring and correction" function recognize roundness errors during setup and correct them automatically. This does not require any measurement of the workpieces in a measuring room.

This option also allows the roundness to be measured with automatic correction value control, both during production and after processing. Errors are thus corrected in a targeted manner, which in turn raises the precision of your produced parts significantly. You can also guarantee complete quality control of your components directly during the production process.

Waviness is caused by a relative movement superimposed on the grinding actions taking place between the grinding disc and the workpiece. The final inspection of the workpiece for the most part only determines characteristics relating to surface roughness or form and position tolerances. Grinding flaws with a higher number of waves (50-300 waves) are not detected using this method. Thanks to the function to determine waviness, it is now possible to identify chatter marks as early as during the grinding process, either based on the frequency spectrum or according to the dominant roundness and waviness pursuant to Daimler standard MBN 10 455. The gauge fixture and process are patented (patent number DE102012018580).

You can choose to equip the in-process measuring system with motorized adjustment, which ensures that the measuring head is tracked automatically, depending on the level of wear of the grinding disc. As a result, the measuring head is always at the ideal measurement position and the device itself requires less frequent maintenance.

The Jenoptik products DF500 and DF700 are not available for sales in the United States of America and cannot be distributed to this market.


  • Solid and robust: High measurement accuracy.
  • Universal application: Exchangeable measuring prisms with large diameter range.
  • No interference: Measured values are transmitted digitally.
  • Optimal measurement position: Measuring head is tracked automatically.
  • Powerful measurement control system: Can be integrated in the PC/CNC machine controller.


  • Automotive industry: Measurement of diameter and roundness on crankshafts.

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