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The Movoline measurement control systems from Jenoptik for demanding in-process measurements

The measurement control systems supply accurate measured data throughout your workpiece production process – be it before, during or after processing.

Measurement Control Systems

Movoline measurment control system

You can use the high-quality Movoline measurement control systems for in-process as well as pre- and post-process measurements. They allow you to perform continuous measurements during processing and pass the measured values directly to the machine controller in real time. The measured properties, such as the outside diameter, length and roundness, help you control the grinding process accuracy. You can also use the measurement control systems in combined applications, for example, during match grinding or as a means of quality control during post-process measurements.

The Jenoptik measurement control systems are extremely reliable and supply highly accurate measured data. Depending on your measuring requirements and machine, different control systems are available; these range from simple table-top units to programmable systems equipped with a microprocessor. All control units are supported by special programs with modern SPC applications.

The measurement control systems Movoline ES124, ES400 and ESZ400 are available in different formats: as a table housing, 19" or ½ 19" built-in version and remote panel. ESi140 and ESi440 are fully integrated solutions: they are installed directly in the machine switch cabinet and controlled via the HMI of the machine controller. Our measurement control systems are compatible with all digital Movoline measuring heads.

Choose the right system for your application

Movoline ES124 - multifunctional measurement control for simple measurements

The ES124 Measurement and Control Unit delivers precise and reliable measurement data in in-process, pre- and post-process.

Movoline ES124

For simple real-time measurements, use the ES124 Measurement Controller. It can be used directly during the machining of a workpiece or before and after production. The device performs standard measuring tasks such as diameter, length and length position on smooth or interrupted surfaces.

The ES124 encoder features a control unit and a front panel unit and offers various installation variants, such as front panel unit and control unit. Both are installed separately or combined as a single component.

A maximum of two of our digital measuring heads can be connected via a digital CAN bus. The Movoline ES124 also features an LCD display, which can be shown in different variations.


  • Multifunctional: as a compact tabletop unit or integrated in the production process
  • Expandable: Communication through further systems possible
  • Passive and active positioning possible
  • Interference-free: Digital data transmission


Movoline ES400 - multifunctional measurement control system

The ES400 measuring and control instrument supplies precise measured data – both during in-processes as well as in pre- and post-processes.

Movoline ES400

You can use the ES400 measurement control system for demanding measurements throughout the entire production process. The measuring and control instrument delivers precise measurement results in real time while processing a workpiece. You can also use it before and after production, for example, for match grinding and for quality control. This allows you to create standard-compliant workpieces of consistently high quality. The device is well suited for standard measurements such as diameter and length as well as for application-specific measurement tasks such as cylinder correction.

The ES400 instrument range comprises a control unit and a front plate assembly. You can use the control unit either as an assembly in the switch cabinet of the machine or integrate it in a 19" rack. The front plate assembly can be installed either separately from the control unit or in the same 19" rack.

You can connect four measuring heads to the measurement control system, while the device can be expanded to accommodate up to eight heads. The Movoline digital measuring heads are ideally suited for this purpose. We also offer standard or customer-specific software tailored to the devices.


  • Precise: Utmost accuracy and process reliability even with minimal workpiece tolerances.
  • Reliable: Compact device for use in production.
  • Flexible: Table housing, 19" built-in version and remote panel versions available.
  • Application-specific: Simple adaptation to different measuring requirements.


Movoline ESZ400 - powerful measurement control system for in-process measurement

The ESZ400 measurement control system supplies accurate measured data for the machine tool process.

Movoline ESZ400

The ESZ400 measurement control system combines powerful measuring, processing and display electronics in a single device. The control system is well suited for standard measurements such as diameter and length as well as for application-specific measurement tasks such as cylinder correction.

The multifunctional measuring instrument is available as ½ 19" model for rack installation. It is characterized by its high flexibility in the configuration of interfaces and measurement tasks, while you also benefit from the integrated PLC programming. Two digital measuring heads can be connected to the basic version, though the device can be expanded with a range of modules, thus allowing you to connect up to 16 measuring heads.

You can analyze the measurement results on a color TFT flat screen (5.5"), providing a clear graphical representation of your data. The device is easily operated via a rotary knob and function keys, while displayed content and format can be freely programmed. To facilitate the data entry process, you can connect a PS/2 keyboard to the device. We also provide application-specific software for the ESZ400 measurement control system.


  • Quick: 500 measurements/s per measurement channel.
  • Flexible: Compatible with up to 16 digital measuring heads.
  • Reliable and robust: Compact built-in unit for use in production.
  • Easy operation: Via rotary knob and function keys.


Movoline ESi140 und ESi440 - integrated measurement and control units

The ESi140 and ESI440 integrated measurement and control units are operated quickly and conveniently directly from the display unit on the machine controller using HMI software.

Movoline ESi400

The ESi140 and ESi440 measurement and control units are directly connected to the control unit of the grinding machine. Using the Windows-based INPROVIS software package, all information and parameters for the measurement control unit can be displayed on the user interface of the machine. This setup allows you to conveniently operate the measurement and control functions using the display on the grinding machine. As a result, there is no need for an additional front operating panel.

Both devices can be used with digital measuring heads as well as the DF500 from the Jenoptik MOVOLINE range. For example, you can measure crankshafts in pendulum grinding machines, diameters (on smooth and discontinuous surfaces) and lengths (on smooth and discontinuous surfaces).

The control units are integrated directly into the switch cabinet for the machine. The ESi140 measurement control unit features eight measurement channels and is equipped with standard software. The ESi440 features a maximum of 16 channels. This device is delivered with specially programmed, application-specific software.

The INPROVIS visualization software can be effortlessly installed on the PC for the machine controller. The software can be used in eleven different languages and can be operated simply and quickly via keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.


  • Integrated: Operated via the display on the machine controller.
  • Protected: Compact integrated devices are installed directly in the switch cabinet for the machine.
  • Efficient: No additional displays or connecting cables are necessary.
  • Easy to use: The INPROVIS visualization software is especially easy and convenient to use.



  • Precise: Utmost accuracy and process reliability even with minimal workpiece tolerances.
  • Flexible: Connection of between 2 and 16 digital measuring heads.
  • Fully programmable: Individual software programming for customer-specific measuring tasks.
  • Different models: Table housing, 19" or ½ 19" built-in version, remote panel or integrated solution with HMI software.


  • In-process measurements
  • Match grinding
  • Post-process measurements

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