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Movoline ESi140 und ESi440: Integrated measurement and control units

The ESi140 and ESI440 integrated measurement and control units are operated quickly and conveniently directly from the display unit on the machine controller using HMI software.

The ESi140 and ESi440 measurement and control units are directly connected to the control unit of the grinding machine. Using the Windows-based INPROVIS software package, all information and parameters for the measurement control unit can be displayed on the user interface of the machine. This setup allows you to conveniently operate the measurement and control functions using the display on the grinding machine. As a result, there is no need for an additional front operating panel.

Both devices can be used with digital measuring heads as well as the DF500 from the Jenoptik MOVOLINE range. For example, you can measure crankshafts in pendulum grinding machines, diameters (on smooth and discontinuous surfaces) and lengths (on smooth and discontinuous surfaces).

The control units are integrated directly into the switch cabinet for the machine. The ESi140 measurement control unit features eight measurement channels and is equipped with standard software. The ESi440 features a maximum of 16 channels. This device is delivered with specially programmed, application-specific software.

The INPROVIS visualization software can be effortlessly installed on the PC for the machine controller. The software can be used in eleven different languages and can be operated simply and quickly via keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.


  • Integrated: Operated via the display on the machine controller.
  • Protected: Compact integrated devices are installed directly in the switch cabinet for the machine.
  • Efficient: No additional displays or connecting cables are necessary.
  • Easy to use: The INPROVIS visualization software is especially easy and convenient to use.


  • Automotive industry: Measure crankshafts in pendulum grinding machines.

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