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Optical 3D measurement technology for high point density and accuracy in all phases of production

Optical 3D metrology at a glance

High precison and high resolution scan data

injection moulding

Stereo camera resolution up to 12 million px

  • Camera resolution up to 12 Mio px
  • Measuring field sizes from 20mm to 230mm
  • Blue light projection technology
  • Photogrammetric image referencing with smart camera
  • Up to 4 moveable axes

Industrial measurement technology and accuracy

Automated scanning and reporting

Find the right product for your application

Optical 3D scanner for automated inspection

The 3D scanners of the FLEX-3A series are suitable for first sample and prototype inspection, as well as automated random sample inspection during production.

Extensions of 3D metrology for industrial and customized solutions

Intuitive user interface and automated processes

FLEX-MAN system software

Product recommendations for optical measuring and testing systems

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