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The Waveline T8000C: Measuring Instruments for Contour Measurement

The reliable measuring system for measuring your workpieces.

The T8000C systems are ideal for measuring the contours of your workpieces. The digital probing system ensures that the measuring instruments work continuously with maximum accuracy. The probe arms are mounted to the system with a quick-release fastener, allowing them to be changed easily. A wide range of probes ensures that the measuring instruments can be used flexibly. Unlike our C8000 systems, the T8000C can be equipped for roughness measurement.

The measurement and evaluation processes are automated. This saves you time, money and resources. The measuring instruments offer extensive evaluation functions, and can process multiple profiles simultaneously. The T8000C systems have a modular design, so they are easy to extend. You can also configure your measuring station individually– according to the measuring task and workpiece size.


  • Precise: Digital probing systems ensure a high level of measurement accuracy
  • Automated runs: Automatic measurement and evaluation
  • Flexible: Probe arms are easy to change
  • Modular design: Can be easily extended


  • Automotive industry: Contour measurement of workpieces

Technical data

• Evaluation computer with 22" TFT flat-screen display, CD burner

• Evaluation software for contour

• PDF printing with automatic save function

• wavelift 400 measuring column with motorized vertical adjustment and 0.1–12 mm/s

• Traverse speed: Trace width 400 mm

• waveline 120 or waveline 200 traverse unit with incremental linear measuring system

• Tilt and support unit for traverse unit with swivel range (± 45°)

• Granite plate with 10-mm T groove: 780 x 500

• wavecontour digital or digiscan contour probe including probe arm with carbide tip

• Calibration set

• MT1 XYO measuring table for holding the workpieces


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