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Precise laser cutting of 3D plastic and metal components

The non-contact laser cutting system from Jenoptik provides a quick way to process metals and plastics. The non-wear process from Jenoptik guarantees low maintenance costs.

Jenoptik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser machines and laser systems for material processing. We develop and build efficient laser machines for your specific production requirements, helping you to realize new manufacturing opportunities. Your process requirements, production environments and specific goals are our benchmark. We configure and optimize our modular standard platforms in close cooperation with you to deliver a tailored solution — because progress needs a base of excellence.

Jenoptik experts will help you to find the best processes for your laser application in production, allowing you to process different materials such as metals, plastics, semiconductors, textiles and leather efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer highly developed laser beam sources such as diode, solid-state and fiber lasers, as well as laser machines tailored to the relevant process. These are ideal for a range of different industries — from the automotive industry to sciences.

Our customer application center also gives you the opportunity to use all of our series production systems in a targeted manner — tested on your own products under real conditions. You can choose from 15 different laser systems and machines, and will be assisted and advised by our highly qualified engineers. The application centers give you the opportunity to develop your production processes in a sustainable manner. Your feedback will also help us to continuously improve our own products.

With the laser technology from Jenoptik, you can cut metals and plastics efficiently and flexibly in a process that is gentle to the material, delivering the best-possible laser cutting results. You can tailor the energy applied precisely to the machining process in question, preventing the material from warping or overheating and saving you time and money.

Metal Laser Cutting


Laser Cutting of Metals

Process metal quickly and extremely precisely with the highly developed robot and beam guidance technology from Jenoptik. Laser technology allows you to reach complex 3D components even in hard-to-reach places. Set-up time is significantly reduced as just one tool can be used for all tasks. After the laser cutting process, the components do not need to be cleaned because the laser process works without any additional cutting equipment.

Plastic Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting of Plastics

Laser Cutting of Plastics

Laser technology provides an energy-efficient way to cut plastics and creates exceptionally precise edges. The process is non-contact, which protects the material and prevents both tool wear and damage to your 3D component. High-performance exhaust air purification systems also extract the smoke, ensuring a clean machining process.

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM Laser Cutting Machine: High-Precision 3D Cutting of Metal and Plastic Parts

Laser Cutting Machine JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM

With the laser cutting machine from Jenoptik, you can process 3D components at high speeds according to your exact specifications. The JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM laser cutting machine is ideal for 3D laser cutting of metals and plastics. The innovative robot technology processes complex components— quickly, effectively and precisely. It sets new standards, particularly in the metal industry.

Our mirror system inside the lightweight robot guides the light onto the cutting head. The individual mirrors are actively cooled, and precisely guide the beam through all axes. There is no need for a moving light guide cable, which makes the laser cutting machine very streamline and lightweight. The cutting head has plenty of room, and is therefore very mobile, allowing access even to places that are hard to reach.

The laser cutting machine is the ideal tool for processing 3D components. Even with the extremely short cycle times, the contours are cut incredibly precisely. The high cutting and adjustment speed significantly accelerates the process. The system is dynamic and can be perfectly tailored to the component.

Thanks to the modular structure of the core components, the laser cutting machine can be effortlessly integrated into your system. The compact system design ensures that both commissioning and service costs are kept to a minimum. You will receive a reliable laser system that is already used successfully by over 200 companies in the automotive industry. We would be happy to develop a laser cutting machine specifically tailored to your needs verified in our advanced application center.

Interview in from 11th of decembre 2017 with the topic: "Laser Cutting Robot Transmits Beam Through Hollow Internal Path".

Laser Cutting System JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM: Clean-Cut Demonstration


Basic Information


The concept behind the JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM series is based on a beam guide inside the robot. Different laser sources with a power of up to 4 kW can be used without the need for a complex external beam guide. Several laser cutting robots can be integrated into a single machine in order to achieve a higher output by parallel material processing at a significantly reduced floor space. Furthermore our robot based machines are the first to enable a complete line integration of the laser cutting process.


Turnkey system

JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM is a highly flexible plug & play system. It can be equipped with the suitable laser for your specific plastic or metal application. As an option, we provide integrated solutions for waste disposal and exhaust air cleaning. To increase the working envelope and productivity two robot modules can be placed into one standard machine setup at nearly the same footprint.

Customized solutions based on BIM modules

The JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM modular set up enables customized laser processing systems for laser cutting at higher automation levels. By arranging multiple robot systems and multi purpose fixtures inside of a single cell the productivity per floor space can be dramatically increased. The target of JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM is to accompany our customers on the way to a fully integrated and automated laser cutting machine.

AM LPオートメーション

Automated lines for car body assembly

Beyond laser cutting our extended know how in the field of customized automation will benefit you with tailored robotized solutions for material processing needs like welding, hemming, gluing, riveting and other joining technologies.

A clear focus on fully line integrated systems, maximum throughput paired with highest flexibility is our driving factor for your next project.


Benefits Laser Cutting Machine

  • Extremely fast: The laser processes 3D components at top speed.
  • Precise: The laser cutting machine precisely follows the contour and ensures maximum accessibility to the workpiece.
  • Powerful: Laser power of up to 4kW possible.
  • Energy-efficient: Based on our reliable fiber laser technology and CO2 laser technology.
  • Cost-effective: Minimal operating costs and service costs.
  • Reliable: Over 200 laser processing systems currently used successfully in automotive manufacturing.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: 3D laser processing of plastic and metal components.
  • Household technology: Laser cutting of housings and plastic components.

Applications of the laser cutting machine

Laser processing of single batch tubes - 3D laser cutting of metals

The e-mobility megatrend requires new solutions for production of car body parts. Bent and hydro formed tubes and tube frames are becoming crucial elements in e-car design, but processing these parts presents particular challenges to suppliers of manufacturing equipment.

Due to safety tracking requirements, single frame production is one of those challenges. Single frame production means that all frame tubes are processed in a single batch (or lot size one) and then joined to one frame. The sheer number of different tubes to be cut would require a huge amount of fixtures using traditional laser cutting systems. Highly flexible laser machining solutions for processing tubes, which differ in size, shape and cutting task, are necessary.

If you would like to know more about laser cutting in e-mobility:
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Laser micro cutting of Nitinol tubes for medical stents

Detail of a Nitinol stent

Detail of a Nitinol stent

Task / Problem

Nitinol, a biocompatible and super-elastic shape memory material, enables important medical applications like peripheral stents, endoscopes, and others.Stent production involves precise, damage-free and burr-free micro-cutting of small Nitinol tubes.Jenoptik’s femtosecond JenLas® D2.fs laser was employed as a light source for stent cutting, delivering highest quality results while supporting very high productivity.


Nitinol stent tubes have typical wall thicknesses of up to 250 μm. Cutting widths< 10 μm and steep tapers are required.The JenLas® D2.fs laser source was combined with a 50 mm cutting optic


Cutting with femtosecond pulses works on the basis of a “cold ablation” effect. This ensures burr-free micro-cuts without heat damage inside the material or at the surface. Cutting of extremely small radiuses and structures is supported. The cut tubes are ready for polishing. Cutting speeds of over 250 mm/min in 250 μm thick tube walls were achieved, with taper angles less than 1°. Back-wall damages are prevented by proper adjustment of laser parameters to the specific wall thicknesses and diameters of the stent tubes.


The results demonstrate that Jenoptik’s OEM femtosecond laser sourceJenLas® D2.fs is an ideal tool for micro-processing of challenging applications like Nitinol stent tubes. The laser was designed for industrial environments, featuring high optical output stability, < 400 fs pulse length and up to 40 μJ pulse energy.

Processing of hard and brittle materials

Processing industry diamond

Processing industry diamond

Task / Problem

Hard and brittle materials as for example ( Diamond, Wolfram carbide, SiC ) are used in all applications where hardness, adhesive wear and high temperature resistance as well as chemical resistance are necessary. Processing these materials with a laser gives the opportunity to increase the process speed at still good quality.


To process the material with high productivity and good quality it is best to use both the JenLas® disk IR70E or the JenLas® disk IR70. Heat management, pulse energy and pulse duration must be in the right setting for these materials to achieve optimal results.


We showed cutting speeds up to 2 m/min for 1.4 mm thick green Wolfram carbide. For SiC we achieved ablation rates up to 10 mm³/ min and for diamond we achieved 3 mm³/ min. There is only small burr for Wolfram carbide and SiC after processing.


The laser parameters can be independently adjusted to achieve best processing results in hard and brittle materials without abrasive wear or to much forceon the material.The Jenoptik JenLas® disk IR70E and IR70 are designed for industrial requirements. These lasers are best for processing these challenging materials either with long pulses ( IR70 ) or with short pulses ( IR70E ) depending on given requirements.

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