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Distance Sensor Modules with low reflectivity surfaces

Small, light, and easy to integrate into industrial automation systems or mobile applications

Laser distance sensor moduls

Distance Sensor Modules

Jenoptik laser distance sensor modules measure or monitor distances from centimeters to kilometers with an accuracy of up to one millimeter and at a cycle rate of a few milliseconds. Distance data typically is used to determine height, length, or thickness, positional location, or fill levels. The laser distance sensor modules are ideally suited for medium to long range measurement on natural surfaces with low reflectivity, for example, solid energy absorbing and radiating hot bodies or objects in motion. The varied modules are easily integrated into sensor systems: depending on your application, you can choose between laser distance sensor modules are optimized for longe range, high accuracy, fast measurement rate, or small size.

Choose a distance sensor module for your requirements:

LDM72 laser distance sensor module – Fast & long range, ideal for scanning systems

The sensor modules of the LDM72 series are distance measuring sensors for long range measurement of stationary and moving targets. The laser distance sensor modules are characterized by an output frequency of up to 40 kHz, that is very fast for medium range and long range distance laser distance sensors. The sensor modules are used to detect objects in industrial automation and to monitor defined areas in transportation systems. The compact laser distance sensor module is ideally suited for integration into sensor systems and scanning systems.

Invisible measuring beam:905 nm
Measuring reflective surfaces with 10% reflectivity:
70 m
Measuring reflective surfaces or special objectives:270 m
Measuring accuracy:60 mm
Measuring frequency:Up to 40 kHz
Eye safe:Class 1 laser
60 g
Interface options:UART, LVCMOS 33
Power supply:4.5 VDC to 5.5 VDC
Measuring functions (excerpt):User-specific parameterization, switching outputs


LDS30 laser distance sensor module – Fast & small, suited for scanning applications

The LDS30 series sensor module measures distances on low reflectance surfaces with frequencies of up to 30 kHz. Using the time-of-flight method the sensor modules achive a measurement range of 30 m for surfaces with 10% reflectance. On special targets and high reflecting surfaces the range is increased to distances of up to 250 m. This capability makes the laser distance sensor module especially suitable for scanning and proximity applications. The sensor module uses an class 1 eye-safe diode laser operating at 905 nm.

Invisible measuring beam:905 nm
Measuring reflective surfaces with 10% reflectivity:
30 m
Measuring reflective surfaces or special objectives:250 m
Measuring accuracy:50 mm
Measuring frequency:Up to 30 kHz (binary output)
Eye safe:Class 1 laser
50 g
Interface options:UART
Power supply:6.5V DC to 7.5V DC
Power consumption:< 2 W
Measuring functions (excerpt):User-specific parameterization, switching outputs, trigger



  • Customizable: freely selectable interface options, configured with or without interface board.
  • Space saving: small and light, suitable for multi-sensor-systems, sensor fusion, or scanning sensors.
  • No reflector required: measurement on natural surfaces with low reflectivity are possible
  • Sensor product scope : long measurement range, millimeter accuracy, fast repetition
  • Non-wearing: non-contact measurement methods with eye-safe laser technology


  • Automation: level measurement, process control
  • Industrial metrology: non-contact measurement of distance, length, height
  • Transport and logistics: distance and height measurement, object and vehicle detection, collision avoidance, conveyor technology
  • Steel works and rolling mills: process control, object detection, position and thickness measurement
  • Scanning systems: fast distance measurement, light curtains, 2d and 3d laser scanning systems

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